Diet Checklist

What does a diet have to accomplish for it to be worth your time?

  1. You need quick results to give you the incentive to continue. There’s little more demoralizing than trying hard at something which you’ve worked up to starting, got in the right frame of mind for, invested time researching and money buying, only for it not to work. Fast initial progress gives you a feeling of achievement and motivates you to continue. It’s surprising how much easier it is to face the sacrifice of less food when you can see it paying off.
  2. Not feeling hungry is very important so that you don’t undo all your good work by snacking. There are things you can do to take your mind off feeling hungry but you will always have a nagging feeling that you want to eat something, and if you go out to take your mind off it you run the risk of stopping off for a quick burger!
  3. It’s healthy is also very important, try not to get caught up in some of the  “fad  diets”  that you will see especially the ones which starve your body of necessary nutrition for several days. The best and most successful way to lose weight is to do it slowly and consistently so that your body is essentially re-educated to both expect less food and your mind is adapted to your new eating regime.
  4. Fitting into your routine is vitally important too. If a diet uses ingredients you have to go out of your way to find (obscure herbs, berries etc.) then the chances are you’ll either run out at some point and quit, feeling guilty that you haven’t followed through you might give up altogether. Time, effort and money wasted, plus you’ll have the added thought that you can’t do it which will deter you from trying again.
  5. If it’s difficult to prepare you run the same risk of giving up, where you find yourself short of time one day and decide the lengthy preparation isn’t something you have the time or energy for, and you’re back to feeling guilty and in danger of letting your doubts get the better of you and giving up.

The best diet I have found which does all these things is described in more detail HERE