Lucid Dreaming

What is lucid dreaming?

Some of the benefits of lucid dreaming:

  • Control – direct and manipulate dream themes, settings and plots at will.

  • Inspiration – seek out artistic imagery and technical solutions to apply in waking life

  • Therapy – Initiate profound conversations with your true self.

  • Relief – Overcome fears, anxieties and grief in the safety of your dreams.

Everyone has, in theory, the capacity to learn to dream lucidly, because everyone dreams every night” Dr. Stephen LaBerge PhD, founder of The Lucidity Institute.

Lucid dreaming is for everyone, from 9 year olds to 99 year olds.

Children are known to teach themselves lucid dreaming using the intuitive methods described in this course. Even Alzheimer’s sufferers – who may have severe cognitive problems – have lucid dreams as a side effect of their medication.

Lucid dreaming was first scientifically proven in 1975. In the 40 years since, numerous ongoing studies have verified more of its features using EEG (brainwave) and fMRI (blood flow) data. There is no question that lucid dreams are a real and measurable state of human consciousness.

Lucid dreaming means knowing when you’re dreaming. Once you create the mindset to recognize when you’re dreaming, you can have lucid dreams for the rest of your life. The more you desire to lucid dream and practice key lucidity skills while waking, the more lucid dreams you’ll have.

12 Amazing Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

  1. Lucid dreamers create their dream plots in advance.

  2. Lucid dreamers feel the exhilarating feeling of flying.

  3. Lucid dreamers meet and interact with their heroes.

  4. Lucid dreamers summon dream figures for sexual intimacy.

  5. Lucid dreamers travel in time and space to other “dimensions”.

  6. Lucid dreamers discover a personal meaning to life.

  7. Lucid dreamers summon and converse with their true selves.

  8. Lucid dreamers practice and improve real life skills.

  9. Lucid dreamers safely overcome fears and phobias.

  10. Lucid dreamers process grief by reuniting with lost loved ones.

  11. Lucid dreamers explore their inner creative potential.

  12. Lucid dreamers discover new worlds that lie beyond words.

Examples of Lucid Dreaming

Curing writers block – case study

“In one dream I dreamed I was in my bedroom, but my computer was in the wrong place, instead of being on the left it was on the right, so I knew it was a dream. The first thing that happened was that I became totally paralyzed. Even though I knew I was dreaming I couldn’t move my body. All I wanted to do was get to the computer to start writing, and I kept telling myself, “This is my dream. I’m in a dream. I should be able to this.” And slowly—like in slow motion—I got to the computer. The seat had a hole leading down to hell. It was very scary but I sat down and let myself fall into this pit in hell—and then I woke up. Since then I have had no trouble writing”.

Exploring fantasy – case study

“I was playing around in a lucid dream and happened to be at a campsite. Since I knew I was dreaming, I thought I might as well jump into the camp fire. I didn’t get burned. I was kind of playing around with the flames. I then decided to eat the flames. I actually put them in my mouth. And I remember having the sensation of them being salty”

The creator of this course, Rebecca Turner uses lucid dreaming for “escapism, creativity, coping with nightmares and psychological inquiry”.

What’s in the Course?

The course is in 3 phases:

Phase One

Information for beginners including background philosophy, tutorials, troubleshooting tips and first-hand insights.

Phase Two

A hands on practical course in how to lucid dream.

Learn the most effective techniques including wake-induced and mnemonically-induced lucid dreams, dream chaining, supplement use, sleep cycle adjustment and visualizations.

Phase Three

Transform your early moments of lucidity into epic lucid dreams that colour your world.

Harness dream control for both fantasies and personal growth, improve waking life, feel more liberated, more philosophical and more whole as a conscious human being.

You gain unlimited lifetime access to the online course for $47, which includes 30 individual written tutorials, interactive quizzes and supporting audio tools. For this one-time cost, you’ll become a permanent member of the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track, meaning you’ll receive unlimited free updates and expansion packs.

Whenever new content is added, you’ll receive an email notification prompting you to log in and check out the goods.

Purchasing Tips

The cost is $47 for lifetime access to the course, with a money back guarantee – if you don’t lucid dream, you will get a full refund, no questions asked!


Having researched this sector of health and personal growth there are some remarkable success stories where people have been able to overcome recurring nightmares, phobias and also find within themselves their own personal revelations which could be described as a “light bulb moment” meaning they become happier and more fulfilled as a result.

From a personal point of view, I’m all in favour of getting away from the “rat-race” and “keeping up with the Jones’ ” and anything that helps people to find fulfillment other than by being consumers is welcome and worthwhile in my opinion.

With a money-back guarantee, what have you got to lose?